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About  Us

The Oblate China Education Servie is a group led by the Oblates Fathers, headed by Fr Ronnie (OMI), and joined by a number of volunteers. The aim is to help children in poor rural areas of Mainland China by raising and channelling funds to where there is greatest need.

Through the Mainland Service Desk, Caritas-HK, we have supported school rebuilding and renovation projects; school facilities and education allowances for children who would otherwise not be able to afford an education. These schools are all located in rural villages in Gansu, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Guangdong Guangxi, Menggu, etc.....

We visit schools and students’ families to identify their needs, review progress on the projects which are being funded, and investigate the results afterwards.

Our funding, besides comes from individual direct donations, the group raise funds through various activities, for example, participating the Caritas Bazaar fund raising through sales and games; sales in the Flea Market and online-selling of donated new or old things; film shows; donations from individuals, ....etc.

Our volunteers not only devote their time and energy (e.g. fund-raising activities, schools visiting) but also give their own money (e.g. support students’ education allowances). They pay for the school visit cost out of their pocket. The group would not charge any administration fee in order to ensure that every penny of your donation goes to the schools and children in need.



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