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Oblate Youth

St. Eugene de Mazenod chose as his personal motto, and as the motto of his Oblate Congregation, the words that Christ used: “He has sent me to bring the Gospel to the poor’. This expressed the direction of his efforts and set the pattern for the work of the Oblates who followed him even until today. It applies also to those people who work with the Oblates in their mission all over the world, and with whom this common motto is shared.

1.1 “He has sent me …”

This makes it clear that it is God who inspires and directs the work. It goes beyond and above just human sympathy - which is wonderful and good in itself, but remains on the human level. Our mission in its motivation and spirit is of a higher order. We reach out in mission as fellow humans, but, above all, as people sent by God, inspired by God and giving of themselves for God.

1.2 “… to bring the Gospel…”

The Gospel is not just words - it is a reality lived out in the lives of those who are formed by and follow the Good News of Christ. The Gospel becomes real and active through the hands and hearts of Christ’s followers - it is living, breathing, loving, caring, giving, embracing, sacrificing people. By bringing the Gospel we bring Christ, and with Him we bring ourselves made loving by being joined to Him.

1.3 “… to the poor”

The “poor” are those people who are neglected, lonely, abandoned, poverty-stricken, weak, helpless, downtrodden, suffering, needy, overlooked… The “poor” have many faces-faces that show desperation and sorrow. To serve them we must first seek them out and recognize them with love and dignity. The “poor” are our brothers and sisters in Christ, and as we serve them we serve Christ. And we are sanctified by this serving.

Who we are…

2.1 We are group of young Hong Kong people inspired by the Good News of Christ and motivated by Mazenod and the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

2.2 We wish to make the Gospel alive in our lives and make our living alive in the Gospel.

2.3 We will express Christ living within us by reaching out to serve our fellow brothers and sisters in need, so that our love of them will mirror the love of Christ for all.

2.4 We are attached to the local mission of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate to serve God and our follow brothers and sisters in the spirit of St. Eugene de Mazenod and under

Our Mission 

At present a number of people in Hong Kong command our attention because of them presence among us, and of their special needs. They are the ones to whom we are first called:

The homeless street people

These people have special needs and we dedicate ourselves to assisting them in a variety of ways, such as:
3.1 visiting them in solidarity on the streets or places where they live
3.2 helping them to seek available assistance from government or city agencies
3.3 organizing and making available the necessities they lack, e.g. food, clothing, etc.
3.4 seeking to improve situation of poor health
3.5 offering them protection from exploitation, legal assistance, and preservation of
3.6 or any other needs as they arise.


            If you are interested and you wish to share the charism of St. Eugene de Mazenod, come and join us to serve the homeless street people every Friday evening from 7:30p.m. to 9.00 p.m. at Notre Dame Parish.

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