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Praised be to Jesus Christ and Mary Immaculate! It is so thankful that Jesus has called me to follow him and I have this opportunity to proceed in this journey step by step. Through work and pray, I have been through many experiences that deepen my faith, self-knowledge and personal growth which I could never imagine how God loves me so much unconditionally. After these six months, I have decided to have deeper relationship with Jesus. Donning the Oblate Habit signifies the belongingness to the Oblate family and leads me to have further confidence to respond to God’s call with perseverance. How wonderful and joyful I felt when the day I wore the habit for the first time. Here I would like to also encourage those who are seeking God to take action to respond His call. Do not hesitate, but be courage. He knows what the best is for us, especially for our souls. May God be praised forever and ever. Amen!


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