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We called the creator as Father, this is a relationship. Everyone can share the same connection with the heavenly father. When we realise he loves all of us equally, it makes me to have the feeling of respecting every human. It is because he loves me so much, so that I have the courage to offer myself totally, to serve and care about others. God is the only one stays in the centre of my heart, “Nothing against him, nothing without him.” (St. Eugene)  
We have to “go” back to God in all cases. We receive grace and are chosen by him, so the praises should belong to him. The habit always reminds myself that I have to thank God always and I have this passion to spread this joy to others. I have to enrich and evangelise myself first. If I don’t believe or being evangelised, how can I share the word of God to others? If I’m not the “first” one who recognises the love of God, how can I say “God is love” to others?  
No matter how many habits do I receive, if I don’t live the Oblate way of life, it is just a white cloth. But if I live truly as an Oblate, I don’t need a habit to remind me. People can already recognise in me a faithful servant of God. I wish my habit can be full of “dirt”, remain the smell of “the poor” and “ to give my life… for the salvation of souls.” (Preface)                


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